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I Need Your Help: Sofa Choices

March 31, 2011 in Beige, Flea Market Finds

Ever since I purchaces the glass revolver last week, I couldn’t stop thinking about one of the sofas came across. Perfect shape and dreamy soft. Our current sofa is so ugly that I keep it covered in throw blankets at all times, so the choice was easy, and now it’s mine (in a couple of days)! What do you think?

Nice classic shape, right? It is obviously in dire need of new fabric, you can’t see it in this photo, but the fabric is quite stained. So this will be my first attempt at reupholstering (yayy!).


I’d love to be bold and pick a fun color or pattern, but since I have no idea what I will do with my next living room, I’m keeping it safe with gray, adding color with accent pillows and throws instead. We are both huge animal lovers, and I’ve found that although velour type fabrics catches animal hair quickly, it also cleans off pretty easily, because the hairs aren’t nested into the fibers like it does with say, cotton and linen fabrics. The fabric above is Vendela from IKEA. I’ve seen it in person a few times, and it’s nothing special, but the price certainly is =D


A little photoshop to get the idea of what it would look like. The thing I love the most about this sofa is the gorgeous shape of the armrests. I don’t like the chaos underneath the seat cushions though, so I think I will solve that problem like this:


This skirt detail doesn’t take too much away from the length of the armrest.


image by SummerHouse Design

This sofa, featured in this post, really caught my eye. Isn’t the nailhead trim beyond lovely? I’d love to do something similar on mine, but do you think nailhead trim on velour would be too much?


option one

A simple detail like this maybe?


option two

Too much?


option three

Maybe like this, to accentuate the shape? Silver, gold, blackened metal nails? Big, small, widely spaced or close together?


option four

Maybe skip the nailheads altogether and add some white piping? Dark gray piping? Tufted backs and or seats??


AGHH there are so many choices! If you have any thoughts or ideas on this, I’d be forever grateful! Which option do you prefer, and which do you like the least? Have a great day my Friends =)

19 responses to I Need Your Help: Sofa Choices

  1. What a great sofa. The lines are perfect. I love the dark with the white piping. I think it looks so fantastic!

  2. love the sofa..and I think your fabric color is an excellent choice too…you can do so much with that color gray…I like the nail head trim best, personally…and here’s a link to one from Lee that has similar fabric and nail head….
    can’t wait to see the sofa redone….

  3. i like options 2 & 4… you shouldn’t be afraid of color though, i looked at that ikea fabric and it looked like they had some amazing solid color options other than grey! :] grey is always a good solid choice though, it makes up 85% of my wardrobe.

  4. I would do some type of silk or satin piping in the same shade of gray, but something with a little shimmer for contrast and wow effect.

  5. Great sofa! I’d go with option 4, I think the white piping against the grey is a really nice combination.

  6. Gray is a great choice for a solid colour sofa. My first choice is option 3 with the nail heads – spaced close together and in either the silver (if you want a bit of bling in the room and have chrome or silver accents) or the blackened nail heads (if you have some dark metals in your room).
    My second choice would be the contrast piping but I would do it in a lighter gray so the contrast isn’t as great as the white and gray. I say this because velvet type fabrics have a sophisticated feel and the white piping is more casual. But then it really does depend on the feel you want for your room.

  7. Linda what a fabulous find!! You are one lucky gal! So the whole time I was reading through this post I was saying PIPING PIPING PIPING!! And then I came to the bottom and there it was! I would personally pipe it, the shape is too good not to highlight.
    Nancy xo

  8. What beautiful lines! I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those choices – just go with what you love! What a find…lucky you!

  9. my vote is for nailhead that wraps the arms and slightly contrasting piping. you have a beautiful sofa with great lines-can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  10. I kind of like the white welting, but only if you would use simple white pillows on it, maybe with some monograms! Nailheads are great too, then you could do any kind of pillow fabric. Fun project! You might want to change out the seat cushions though, if there were stains…..remember that episode of Seinfeld when Poppy came to visit!

  11. This sofa has great lines to it. It is a wonderful style. Love your fabric choice and I love option number three. Good luck. Keep us posted on what you selected!!!!

  12. I loved the third option, use some medium size antique golden nail heads..use the exact same space you used in your photosoped pic.. et voila ^_^

    • Thank you so much for sharing your opinion on this, it really means a lot! I do love wide spaced nailheads, I think it gives the traditional look a more modern feel =D

      xo Linda

  13. Oh la la! Love the shape!! What a find!! I actually really like it in grey with the white piping. I’m all about grey right now!

  14. I love the nailhead idea. Doing just the arms or all over looks great. I am like a grey piping and nailheads!

  15. I love nailheads but piping would be fab BUT you know what I think you should do to bring this sofa to the 21st century?? Instead of those side cushions, you need to have round bolsters! Like this inspiration photo:

    Have fun!

  16. I like the nail head detail on the just the face of the arm in option 2. Are you sure you want to do the skirt? Chunky legs would look great, like the big round ones.

  17. I’d love to see how the sofa turned out. Your instincts were right on the money. The sofa has lovely proportions and line. Hope it turned out to be a good adventure!

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