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Purple Glamour at the Phene Resturant

October 2, 2011 in Dining room, Glamorous, Living room, Lounge, Luxurious, Purple


I came across this amazing purple room on Pinterest, and immediately fell in love with theĀ  wonderful atmosphere and the endless glamour. After a little investigative journalism, I found it to be The Phene restaurant in London.



A beautiful specimen of the sun mirror, layered on top of a floor-to-ceiling mirrored fireplace definitely constitute the focal point of the room. Apart from the gold ceiling, the room is decorated in a monochromatic color scheme of purple. Velvet fabric adds a heaviness and shine that I always find very glamorous. Here’s a tiny slideshow with a few more pictures; enjoy:


THE PHENE restaurant in London, Dining teble details

THE PHENE restaurant in London, Table setting

THE PHENE restaurant in London, Dining

THE PHENE restaurant in London, Lounge

Images via THE PHENE

Anyone been to this restaurant? If I get the chance to go to London, The Phene will definitely be on my wishlist of places to visit.


6 responses to Purple Glamour at the Phene Resturant

  1. And to think I just came back from London! Too bad I didn’t know about this beforehand. I’m a lover of purple, but I usually restrict its use to accents. This designer has taken a no holes barred approach. I agree that you’d have lots to look at if you were eating here and not doubt the decor would make you feel very decadent.

  2. I love how they hung the star-burst mirror on the larger mirror and that chandelier is amazing! I would definitely eat there (if I could afford it) :)

  3. Oh so bold! Love it!

    Jamie Herzlinger

  4. I love the velvety sofa and the curtains falling to the ground…very glamorous!xo

  5. it is best design.

  6. Absolutely love this room. Anyone know where the gas fire basket comes from??

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