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A Tiny Home Office: Beige, Coral and Green

November 13, 2012 in Beige, Home office, Natural


Fab, isn’t it? I’m convinced the backbone of great design lies in the first impression, and that definitely holds for this long and narrow home office. A little creative thinking turns this bookcase into a structural piece of yum. Painting the bookcase the same color as the cabinetry portrays the whole thing as one unit. Apart from the shiny counter tops and the flawless styling, the warm earthy color palette is my favorite part of this room.


You got to love a pretty color palette :-)


6 responses to A Tiny Home Office: Beige, Coral and Green

  1. This room is definitely being pinned – LOVE IT! Such a creative way to turn a bookcase into a piece of art.

  2. Love your blog so much!

  3. Really nice web :)

  4. What a beautiful color palette. Thanks for sharing.

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  5. Love the colour scheme, but I particularly love the bookcase shape because it can effectively display a nice piece of art and then accessorize around it.

  6. Do you have the names of the colours in your palatte? Are they pantone colours or from a paint company? Appreciate any help you can give. Love your blog.

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