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Classic Brown and White Interiors

May 30, 2010 in Brown, Classic

These gorgeous brown and white interiors are courtesy of Hickory Chair:


classic brown and white living room crisp and clean

I’m definitely loving those skirted chairs.


dark brown and white classic lving room

The color palette is so fresh and clean. The golden accents adds a touch of glamour.


dark brown and white classic dining room with framed world map

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the world map as wall decor. This time it is framed in gold, and definitely looks sophisticated. Funny how “small” details make such a big difference =)


dark brown and white classic dining room with round dining table and brass lamp

Here is a variation with a round dining table. The carpet is unbelievable!


dark brown and white classic living room with daybed

I’m loving the flower art in the background. Very subtle and beautiful.


dark brown and white living room with desk and chaise

The fabric on the chairs by the desk is so chic. It’s the same fabric as on the pillows in the first two pictures.


6 responses to Classic Brown and White Interiors

  1. Yum yum, there is a lot of furniture in these photos that I want!! I also like the grouping of potted orchids in the third photo, I don’t think I would have thought to put so many together but it looks very nice!


  2. My new favorite accent color is cupper, isn’t it just wounderful, just look at the lamp in the fourth photo.

  3. I’m totally loving those x-benches! And I’m glad you got me back in your reader, I’ve been missing you too!!


  4. I love chocolate! Love to eat it and love it for the yummy colour it is. Once again, great selection.

  5. jes said on May 30, 2010


    love your site…keep it up

  6. I have just found your blog and like it very much! I will be around!


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