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Natural Glamour in NYC Apartment

May 14, 2011 in Beige, Celebrity Homes, Classic, Eclectic, Glamorous, Hottest Designers, Living room, Mirror / Wall Acessory, Natural

image via Architectural Digest

This is the New York apartment of British born Guinness heiress Daphne Guiness. Designed by Daniel Romualdez, this apartment is a sweet union of nature and glamour. Just the way we (or at least I) like it.


image via Architectural Digest

With dark high gloss hardwood floors and a ceiling covered in shimmery wallpaper, the walls are painted a rosy shade of beige. Red accents adds a pinch of spice to this soft palette. Notice Daphne’s collection of crystals displayed throughout the room.


image via Architectural Digest

The opposite end of the same room features a mirrored wall and a cherry red velvet sofa. How lovely! I wouldn’t mind the David LaChapelle photograph either.


image via Architectural Digest

This floor-to-wall painting by British artist Damien Hirst took my breath away when I first saw it. Isn’t it lovely?


Hirst is the Artist who suspended a Tiger Shark in Formaldehyde (how do you feel about that?), I’m sure you have all seen it. His butterfly paintings are available here.


You can see the rest of Daphne’s beautiful apartment on Architectural Digest, included her “hall of mirrors” =)

8 responses to Natural Glamour in NYC Apartment

  1. Wow! That is glamourous alright! Perfect in my opinion!


  2. Id like to snatch those floors right up.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. Hmmm…wonder if I can combine your DIY butterfly frame and his butterfly painting & do somthing similar with a 3-d look?! b.t.w I am in love with butterflies (mariposas, papillons, flutterbys..or however anyone says it)!!! And I love the glass case in the fist pic with the blue vases in it. What a gallery look! And ditto to Mr. Godwill’s comment. I love trolling his blog. I would be him if I were a guy.

  4. That floor to ceiling wall art is gorgeous! I’d love to have that piece hanging in my home.

  5. The ceilings are fabulous. They reflect the light and give such a wonderful polish to the space. Great art!

  6. Love the Hirst art (not so mich the shark though), the floors, the ceilings, and especially the pair of small tables in the first photos!

  7. Huge fan of HIRST, the AD photo of the piece in the entryway is a favorite for sure! The living room above is simply delish.

  8. What a cool pad. It’s so creatively decorated, in a way only an heiress could pull off! I guess I can dream anyway…:) Thanks for sharing such a unique space!


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