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Dramatic Vignette

April 14, 2013 in Black, Dramatic, Hallway/Entry, Masculine, Vignettes

black imperial trellis wallpaper covering sawhorse console table vignette

I’m loving this dramatic vignette. I often find black walls to look a bit flat, but this trellis wallpaper makes all the difference. I’s a play on textures, and it’s done (and captured) extremely well. Would you ever do black walls? I might after seeing this =) xox Linda


2 responses to Dramatic Vignette

  1. Love the look of a black wall too… but a bit too dark for my house!

  2. Well, that’s fine, but I stand by what I said. I even liked the movie, but being honest with myself (something I’m not sure your average mania person understands) the movie really isn’t the great glorious thing that the superfans make it out to be. It was only good, IMO. Just because somebody might have a different opinion than you, or GOD FORBID pick movies apart a bit more and really look at everything (not just 3D or awesome special effects), people want to accuse them of being hateful snobs. It’s not cool, man.

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