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Tips of the Trade: Jeff Andrews

July 17, 2010 in Bedroom, Brown, Dramatic, Home office, Hottest Designers, Interior Design Videos, Living room, Masculine, Modern, Open Plan Solution

For a long time I’ve been drooling over this bedroom, not knowing who designed it:


jeff andrews design grey brown bedroom taupe drapes windows

When watching some videos over at LXTV’s Open House I immediately recognized the bedroom from the video. Turns out this is the personal bedroom of Interior Designer Jeff Andrews. In the video, Jeff shares a few of his tricks, like having a desk doubling as a dining table! Amazing!



I adore Jeff‘s dramatic dark brown walls. Jeff mentions that a dark wall color doesn’t mean the room will look smaller, which makes a lot of sense as dark colors are considered receding. The best thing about dark or very rich wall color is the way you can play with contrast. Jeff does this by collecting and displaying white pottery.


dark brown living room modern chic

You can see the bedroom from the hallway. Jeff notes in the video that he placed the great mirror between the entry and bedroom to open up the space. See how it reflects the light!


modern brown living room shiny walls

The living area is simple and chic. I’ve featured some of Jeff’s designs earlier is this hilarious post called “Case Study: My Hubby on Masculine Interiors“.  And that’s exactly what I adore about Jeff’s designs.. They are layered, inviting and interesting at the same time as being quite masculine.


dark brown modern chic living room dining room home office

This is Jeff‘s desk/dining table. Love all the flowers and plants in his home. I’m all for bringing natural elements in.


brown living room details decor with natural theme

See how gorgeous Jeff‘s white pottery looks on the rich chocolate backdrop.


7 responses to Tips of the Trade: Jeff Andrews

  1. I love the dark colors on the wall!

  2. Beautiful! I love Jeff’s work, and it’s nice to see masculine done right isn’t it? Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Gorgeous rich color!!

  4. Hi,

    Great colors!

    would anyone will be able to tell where can I find these dark shades? Farrow and Ball? But then they have so many dark colrs, but really keen to take this one…

    Thanks in advance!

  5. I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to find the paint color in the bedroom. Would you happen to know what it is? I’ve also thought it might be Farrow and Ball. Such an elusive shade! Thank you!

  6. What was the green color used in the hallway? The one with the big mirror in it?

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