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Magnolia Fabric Love

November 15, 2010 in Bedroom, Beige, Christmas, Floral, Hottest Designers, Natural, Soft and Light

I just can’t get this bold, magnolia print duvet cover off my mind:


It is carried by Pottery Barn (like you couldn’t tell ;)


I’ve always had a thing for bold floral prints and apart from the color scheme, I fell in love with the soft lines and watercolor look to it.


Well wouldn’t you know, it’s designed by Roz James, a fabric designer known for her beautiful hand-painting style.


Take a look at her portfolio to see what I mean.


I spy a pair of magnolia accent pillows in this living room as well.


So, what do you think about this fabric? Anyone loving this as much as I am?


On another note, I loved reading your opinions on the Eagle Console table, you all said exactly what I thought.. I love it in that setting, but can’t really imagine it look good with anything other than seagrass wallpaper.

4 responses to Magnolia Fabric Love

  1. I think the fabric looks fantastic. For me personally, it may be a bit overwhelming to have something the size of a duvet/comforter with this pattern, I can definitely incorporate the throw pillows with this pattern into my home.

  2. Pottery Barn won’t sell this fabric by the yard. Anyone have any idea how to contact manufacturer. Need about 20 yards

  3. Hi, I am looking for the Magnolia Fabric Love fabric or sheets. It is beautiful. Where could I find this.
    Thanks so much,
    God Bless!

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