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Bold Powder Room: Black, Silver and Coral Red

January 22, 2012 in Black, Chic, Glamorous, Gold, Powder Room, Silver, Wallpaper / Tiles / Murals


I’m loving this bold powder room. There’s nothing like a bold wallpaper in a tiny room. It doesn’t really make sense, but it obviously works wonders. This baby I believe is Graham & Brown’s Illusion wallpaper, but I couldn’t find this black and silver colorway.



Black and gold however, I had no trouble finding. Looks brown  to me, but the specifications reads black, so it’s probably just a bad color representation. Speaking of black and gold fretwork wallpaper, here’s another beauty:



The shiny metallic surface takes this wallpaper to another level. Too much of a good thing, or just right? You decide ;-)


9 responses to Bold Powder Room: Black, Silver and Coral Red

  1. Sorry, doesn’t do it for me. The wallpaper is okay but the vanity looks cheap and the door knockers for handles idea? Too gimmicky.

  2. Just read Lesley’s comment–ha!
    Linda, I actually refinished this vanity and styled the shot! It was apart of Brian Patrick Flynn’s work for HGTV and the whole point of the vanity (and all of the projects we did) was showing homeowners how to make quick fixes by using run of the mill items and “upping the ante”. This vanity was from Habitat for Humanity, so taking an inexpensive vanity, refinishing it in a bright color, changing out the standard hardware to something more unexpected is a great way for a homeowner who’s short on $$ to add some style to their bathroom. Glad to see you featured it here! :)

  3. Well, I think if there is any room to put wall paper in it should be the bathroom! It’s small and won’t be too much of a headache years later when you want to take it down. My eyes immediately narrowed in on the coral! Have been dying to get some coral piece in my home somewhere.

  4. I see, I do adore the wallpaper! I personally would look for a great (albeit inexpensive) pedestal. I just like them in powder rooms!


    Art by Karena

  5. Oh wow! This is amazing!!

  6. I love the coral!

  7. I love the coral and black together! Such a great color combo.

  8. I think the door knockers are a cute idea on the vanity! The coral and black looks really good together and I’m not normally a fan of coral.

  9. hi there i am looking for this wallpaper in black and silver in the image above, do u have it or know where i can buy it. i have been looking everywhere,

    Thank you

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