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Celebrity Homes: Khloe Kardashian

September 19, 2011 in Celebrity Homes, CELEBRITY HOMES, Dressing Room/ Closet, Glamorous, Home office, Hottest Designers, Luxurious, Purple


This photo of TV personality Khloe Kardashian’s glamorous home office has been on my radar for some time now, and as I keep stumbling across more and more gorgeous photos, I feel it’s time to put them all together in a blog post :) Good idea, right?



Khloe’s home office is designed by Jeff Andrews. He picked a large mirrored (dining?) table as Khloe’s desk, and placed it freely on the floor. A wingback chair clad in a chevron ikat-inspired fabric takes on the center role in the room, and is crowned by a large black & white portrait of Khloe’s husband Lamar.



Sheer purple drapes creates a sultry atmosphere, even in broad daylight. In the evening, a crystal chandelier adorned with black crystals, contributes the light and the glamour. Notice how Jeff added extra drama to the room by placing the drapes directly beneath the ceiling, making the walls feel taller.



Gorgeous shoes and mirrored furniture seems to be a staple in Khloe’s glamorous home.



A peek into Khloe’s walk-in closet. Yes please!


Now how do you feel about Khloe’s glam style? I for one, love it!



17 responses to Celebrity Homes: Khloe Kardashian

  1. i love khloe’s glam style and i have to say that even though i thought i wouldn’t like the show, i love that too! i love her mirrored desk…it’s got my wheels turning about getting one for myself! :)

  2. I’ll have that walk-in closet too!

  3. I have her home office picture in my inspirational folder for my new home! Can’t wait to add some glam to my own space!

  4. That desk is so big it just might be a dining room table! I love that idea if space allows in the room, to give enough working area to spread out a bit…very glamorous!

    • It is a dining room table!! From Z-gallerie, pretty sure! I just got one, and it looks to be identical!! :-)

  5. Even if I didn’t think everything about this place was absolutely *amazing* (which, of course, I do)…I would be completely head over heels in love with that ridiculously fantastic closet! Does anyone else find it seriously unfair that she owns that many Louboutins??? (c:

  6. So true Aubrey! I want all of her gorgeous shoes too!!

  7. WoOooW ! this is amazing.. I like every room. this is the best celeb home of this blog aswell =)

  8. I absolutely love her office. I have been trying to find a mirrored desk but all am coming up with is a small 48″ desk. Love Khloe’s style!

  9. I love love her style. But where does she keep her files and paperwork?

    • Great question! My guess is she has people doing all the paperwork for her =D xox Linda

  10. buy mirrored furniture at HORCHOW

  11. for really pretty quality mirrored furniture at affordable prices…shop PIER1′s/Hayworth collection & Zgallerie. you will love it!

  12. if thats too expensive or you want to be frugal. find a thrift store dresser, chest or table etc… lightly sand it, paint it with a brush or spray paint it white or any color let it dry well, seal it by painting a clear coat over that. get a piece of mirror cut ( or glass ) to fit the top and glue it down securely. replace the knobs with crystal knobs or any blinged out knobs and you will have beautiful semi-custom furniture for cheap and you can’t beat that! *tip* if the underside shows. pain it deep red, for a custom faux red loubotins bottom. Oh, So CHIC!

    • Katasia you seem to have a lot of DIY experience! Thanks for sharing, I’d love to see some photos =)

  13. if you don’t want to paint the entire piece…only paint each drawer front & replace the knobs. very chic as well!

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