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Going Bananas for this Blogger Home

February 4, 2013 in Beige, BLOGGER HOME CRUSH, Coffee Table Decor, Glamorous, Living room, Vignettes

cocktail side table vignette spray roses

I just discovered another awesome blog in the blogiverse, and I’m feeling so inspired! This gorgeous cocktail table vignette is the creation of the talented Courtney of Courtney Out Loud. These are my favorite “moments” from Courtney’s inspiring home:


silver vase pink rose flower boquet spray roses

You can never go wrong with a touch of life in a vignette. Pink roses are so high on my list of favorites. According to Courtney, these are “spray roses”, a term I’d never heard before. After consulting Google, I believe spray roses are those pretty rose bushes forming several blossoms on each branch. Feel free to correct me on this ;-)


beige blue living room apartment glass table coffee vignette crystal candle sticks

Another favorite from the home is this freakin amazing coffee table vignette.


crystal candle sticks cluster collection grouping coffee table vignette

The crystal candle stick collection. Isn’t it fascinating how a simple grouping can make such a bold statement?


crystal candle stick holder vignette cluster collection

Need. crystal. collection. STAT. You can view more photos from Courtney’s home here. xox Linda


11 responses to Going Bananas for this Blogger Home

  1. Very pretty vignettes and the perfect time of year to freshen up your space. Thanks for the inspiration Linda!

  2. Thanks Linda for the love! Appreciate the post. And I totally agree – things in aggregate always look awesome!

  3. Very pretty….love that silver vase.

  4. Lovely images – thanks for posting Linda. Makes me want to check out her blog – which I will do! Love it when bloggers support other bloggers! You do this really well.

    I will be posting my Valentine’s Mantle later today – after I do some shoveling (we have over 2 feet of snow!) Hope you will come visit!


  5. Oops – Courtney is a “he!” Now I remember seeing his blog before…

  6. I love the candlestick cluster too! Matterofact I saw some very similar at eithe Tjmaxx or Marshalls this weekend (I went to both places so forgot). The ones I saw were about $12-$16.

  7. Such pretty photos. My fav details is that cute little ceramic horse, he is adorable. Think I need a little guy like that!


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