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Case Study: My Hubby on Masculine Interiors

May 30, 2010 in Bedroom, Black, Brown, Exterior, Hottest Designers, Masculine

These rooms are all designed by Jeff Andrews Design and what struck me with all of them is the masculine appeal. Out of curiosity I asked my hubby what he thought about the them. I seriously discovered a gold mine here! Lets find out what boys really like:


dark brown and black dramatic masculine bachelor bedroom with black chandelier and black sheer curtains

First impression of this bedroom; he likes it. Except from the table/seat thing at the end of the bed (he is of the practical kind and feels that it would be in his way). Then I asked if he thought it was masculine and he responds with a yes, although there were some feminine touches. I asked what they were, and to my surprise he informed me that it was the pillow setup. I was positive he would mention the curtains, or at least the chandelier. I couldn’t resist asking what he thought about the two. The verdict: He liked the chandelier. As for the curtains? “I don’t notice curtains”. Okay then.


masculine dark rich bedroom and bathroom

I know hubs love natural materials. In fact, this is a man-trait that I notice all the time in the blogosphere, I bet you too have read the sigh of frustrated women wanting to paint their (outdated) wooden kitchen cabinets, of course with their male counterpart’s sound objection. What is it with men and natural materials? It’s still wood underneath the paint darnit!


dark brown and gold masculine dining room with sphere ceiling lights

Hubby’s first impression: he likes this. Then he points out that he doesn’t like “the guy on the fireplace”. The sphere lamps didn’t do it for him either, but the metal chain curtains are a hit. Overall, this was a thumbs up.


white black and gold modern kitchen

This one needs a little background info. So, about a year ago we visited a furniture store and there was this white glossy dining table with rounded edges. This table particularly fascinated him, so much so that he took a picture with his phone and sent it to his friend, with the caption ” iTable”.  This kitchen was of cause an “iKitchen”!


brown and yellow masculine bachelor living room modern

“Too much pillows” he said about this living room. I asked: “Don’t you think it’s comfy with a pillow in your back?” He responds: “only if they’re not too flat. Good pillows should be like nice boobs, not too hard and not too limp.” Seriously?! Bwahaha!


masculine modern sleek backyard with pool with metal balls

This garden is apparently “chill”, bout he doesn’t understand why there are metal balls in the pool.


I have to do this more often!