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On the Search of the Perfect Coffee MUG! First Attempt

December 1, 2012 in My Home and Paintings

Hi guys!  I have decided to share some of my recent online endeavors (i.e internet shopping). I’ve been looking for a new set of coffee mugs for a while now, and I want something fun and sculptural. The brass knuckle coffee mug definitely fits into that category, so I decided to order one from Thabto to see how I liked it. Here’s my verdict:


The handle is created with great detail, the corners are nicely rounded for a comfortable grip.


Nice coloring, the cup is white and glossy and  the handle is a pretty shade of gold.


Only drawback for me: it’s HUGE! Now if I had bothered to read the specifications, I would have noticed the term “man sized”, and man sized it definitely is.


The “normal” cup to the left and holds 2 dL (6.7 fl oz) and weighs 275 g (9.7 oz) .

In comparison, the brass knuckle cup holds 4.5 dL (15 fl oz) and weighs a staggering 635 g (23 oz).

And that’s before you fill it up! That’s man sized alright. Overall I really like this mug, it’s very solid and the gold handle looks great.

My search for the perfect (lady sized) coffee mug continues…


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