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The Tile Installation

May 28, 2013 in My Home and Paintings

tile installation doorway chimney
After posting my in-progress living room pics I received a lot of inquiries about the unusual “tile installation” on my corner wall. Can you guess what it is?


tiled indoor chimney for white woodburner

Yes, it’s actually a chimney! My goal is to install one of these wood burners, in particular the Jøtul F 163, in white enamel. A wood burner,  when placed in the middle of the room like this, is a great way to reduce the heating bill =) I want this one as the design is nice and clean, plus it has side windows so the fire can be enjoyed from living room AND kitchen. I should start saving my $$$

What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinion =) xox Linda


17 responses to The Tile Installation

  1. What a cute little fireplace and I love a fireplace anywhere! Of course you had me at the blue tile…gorgeous!

  2. Its looking beautiful!!! cant wait to see more. Hope your doing well!

  3. Dawn said on June 5, 2013

    Ahhh! I was one of the folks who questioned it, so thanks! I thought perhaps you put it there because corners like that tend to get scuffed and marked, and I was walking around my house picking out places to copy it. :p

    It’s a great place for a fireplace!

  4. Hi Linda! Great idea. Can’t wait to see how this room comes out. Function and style – and saving money to boot! Not a easy task!


  5. Awesome ! Your little stone tile installation is very good. It give a dashing look to your wall and its color machining make it better. Now I will decide if I want any tile installation on my wall then my first choice is it. Thanks for sharing this beautiful wall tile and its pics.

  6. LOVE that!! Its so gorgeous and unique!

    –Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  7. Cada cuanto tiempo actualizan esta web? me encanta!

  8. where are you,i’m waiting for new posts:)

  9. Tile Installation is done and installed by wood burner which looks like as a chimney on corner of the wall. Thanks for viewing image that to install tile and looks like chimney.

  10. Wow, that’s the most stylish chimney I’ve ever seen, nice work! Just got a new apartment and I’m excited about decorating. Please do an inspiration board for 1000 thread count sheets or bedroom style inspiration, thanks!

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