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A Chic Retreat

June 15, 2010 in Bedroom, Beige, Chic, Hottest Designers, Living room, Masculine, Modern

Todays design inspiration is brought to you by Burnham Design, a Los Angeles bases design trio with a penchant for creating chic spaces:


classic chic bige and brown living room with pops of red

Wow, check out the detailing on that wall! This living room is based on a tone on tone color palette, which is brought to life with strategically placed pops of red. This is actually a trick that is used in painting, using red to carry the eye across the painting. This strategy definitely works in interiors too.


classic chic beige and brown bedroom with metal frame four poster bed

Looks like there are two windows flanking the bed, but the whole wall is covered in drapes. The clean lines, chrome details and simple color palette makes this bedroom equally suitable for a chic couple as a bachelor.


beige bedroom classic chic style with zebra pattern throw

We get a peek into the master bathroom which is designed with clean lines and a simple color palette, just like the bedroom.


walk in closet

For good measure, this is the walk in closet. I can’t believe with all those shelves the owner still has 17 pairs of shoes on the floor. That’s a LOT of shoes!


7 responses to A Chic Retreat

  1. You know, even though I’m a girl, I don’t get the hundreds-of-pairs-of-shoes thing!! I mean, you can only wear one pair at a time, how many pairs does a person need?! Funny that they’re all athletic shoes — I don’t see a single pair of heels!!

    Love the chrome bed — very sexy!! And the detailing on the living room wall is really impressive. The pops of red throughout the room add just the right bit of interest and colour without taking away from the overall soothing feeling of the room.


  2. Ok, that detailing on the wall just about gave me a heart-attack!! It is crazy gorgeous. I could really see a wall like that in my dining room :) We are planning to do a wall of simple grid panels but the fine details of that wall are just amazing! Thanks for sharing this,

  3. The red is clever. I’m learning bits and pieces here! The bed (and the shoes!) are a bit much for my taste.

  4. I am so glad you said to look at the detailing on the wall – I would have completely missed it, I was too busy loving on the red sconces on either side of the fireplace! I also love the zebra – its a little more psychedelic than the more common zebra prints. I do feel sad for whoever is living in this house – such a fabulous stylish home and nothing but athletic shoes to wear, c’mon homeowner, if you splurged on the Louis Vuitton bag, how about a nice pair of designer shoes to go with that bag? ;)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog – I LOVE your comments and all of your ideas, and you will be happy to know that the bug in the picture is a fake, just a little iron ant, I hide all kinds of little curious things in my garden to keep it interesting :) Hope you’re having a great week

  5. wow, wow, and wow. that’s a lot of shoes.

  6. I love the detailing on the wall in the first pic. Spectacular. Also just wanted to say I love your blog. Always have – true inspiration!

  7. I love the bed and the closet, wow, I love it even more!

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